Coursework Guidelines for Masters Degree with Report

Master of Arts or Master of Education. Student Teaching is a prerequisite for the M.Ed. degree.

33 Hour Specialization (30 hrs + 3 hrs of Master Report)


  1. Admission to Graduate School.
  2. Twelve (12) hours of upper-division education courses.
  3. Evidence of spoken and written proficiency in Spanish (See Bilingual Education Adviser for details.)

C&I Departmental Requirement—3 hours

EDC 380R Educational Research and Design


Major Area. Bilingual Education—Total of 24 Hours

  1. Required Courses—18 hours to include:
    • EDC 390T Foundations of Bilingual Education
    • EDC 385G Seminar on Program Development and Research:  Bilingual Education OR Teacher Leadership in Bilingual/ESL
    • EDC 382E Teaching Elementary School Subjects: Bilingual Education
    • A course in teaching English as a Second Language: EDC 382E, 382S, 384P
    • A course in Biliteracy
    • Choose ONE of the following:
      EDC 385G Seminar: Language Acquisition, OR Psycholinguistics
      EDC 385G Second Language Acquisition, OR ALD 325 Second Language Acquisition with consent of adviser
      EDC 371 Applied Linguistics
  2. Elective Courses—6 hours from the following or their equivalent:
    • EDC 385G Seminar: Language Acquisition, or Psycholinguistics
    • EDC 385G Language and Politics
    • EDC 385G Language Acquisition and Assessment for Multicultural Special Education (cross-listed with Special Education)
    • EDC 385G Critical Pedagogy and Bilingual Education
    • OR other courses can be chosen with the approval of your advisor.

Supporting Work—6 hours

Two courses outside C&I such as:

  • ANT 388K Anthropology of Education
  • EDP 380P Educational Assessment of Minority Students
  • HIS 377L Mexico and Spanish North America since 1810
  • LIN 350 Bilingualism
  • LIN 373 Child Language
  • LIN 3805 Sociolinguistics
  • SED 380 Language Acquisition and Assessment for Multicultural Special Education
  • SPN 367K Rhetoric and Composition for Native Speakers
  • SPN 367K Spanish Grammar
  • SPN 383N Topics in Spanish Linguistics, as appropriate
  • OR other courses with the approval of your advisor.  

NOTE: Six hours of coursework must be outside C&I.

Report—Total of 3 hours

EDC 398R Report

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