Ph.D. Degree Plans and Requirements

Degree Plans

Faculty Accepting Advisees

For those applying in Fall of 2022 to begin the Program in Higher Education Leadership Doctor of Philosophy degree in Fall 2023, the following faculty are accepting advisees:

Degree Requirements

Upon satisfactory completion of at least 30 semester credit hours of the required and elective coursework, preparation begins for Advancement to Candidacy. Upon advancement, the student is authorized by the Department and the Graduate School to proceed with the dissertation. Advancement requires the following:

Mid-Program Review and Specialization Qualifying Examination
The Departmental Mid-Program Review and the Specialization Qualifying Examination (SQE) are required. 

Advancement to Candidacy
When the student and the mentor are satisfied that the above requirements have been met, the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee is presented with the coursework completed or planned, the results of the examinations, an abstract of the proposed dissertation, and the proposed chair and membership of the dissertation committee. Upon final approval by the Committee, a recommendation is forwarded to the Graduate School that the student be advanced to candidacy and permitted to proceed with the dissertation.

Learn more about doctoral program milestones on the department's wiki.

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