Program in Higher Education Leadership Ph.D. and Ed.D. Program

Professor Richard Reddick leads a graduate seminar

Photo of Richard Reddick

Program Coordinator
Richard Reddick

Photo of Beth Bukoski

Assistant Program Coordinator
Beth Bukoski

The Program in Higher Education Leadership (PHEL) is devoted to the scholarly study of higher education, its students and institutions, and its place in society. This program prepares, trains, and educates students to become researchers and leaders in the administration of colleges and universities. The PHEL also offers a master’s degree  in the study of college and university student personnel administration.

Our faculty and students are in the vanguard of understanding and shaping the dynamic environment of higher education now and in the future. Higher education is being reconceived and reorganized through:

  • increased access and challenges in retention and completion for more diverse student communities,
  • intensified accountability and governmental oversight,
  • the need for lifelong avenues of learning and re-training, and
  • the opportunities presented by digital innovations both in and out of the classroom.

The Ph.D. emphasizes preparation for a research career. Students develop an understanding of the particular role of postsecondary institutions in society as both distributors and creators of knowledge. This program prepares students to be consumers and producers of postsecondary research and scholarship. Students are socialized towards careers in academia and higher education leadership.

The Ed.D. emphasizes sophisticated management skills. Students are prepared for higher education leadership careers and are oriented toward the application of theory and knowledge development through research.

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Photo of Beth Bukoski

Beth E. Bukoski

Clinical Assistant Professor

Focuses on issues that affect underrepresented students and faculty related to identity intersectionality and performativity, particularly critical theories and constructs of gender, sexuality, race, and class.

Photo of Norma Cantu

Norma Cantú, J.D.


Ken McIntyre Professor for Excellence in School Leadership

With a background as assistant secretary of education for Civil Rights in the Clinton Administration, she teaches topics in civil rights and the intersection of law and policy in education.

Photo of Liliana Garces

Liliana Garces

Associate Professor

Studies educational inequality, higher education equity and access policies for underrepresented populations, use and influence of research in Supreme Court cases. 

Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez

Clinical Professor

Expertise in student affairs leadership and administration, improving the college student experience, and expanding access to higher education for first-generation college students.

photo of manuel justiz

Manuel J Justiz


A. M. Aikin Regents Chair in Education Leadership

Bringing the experience of 28 years as dean of the College of Education, Justiz shares his expertise in topics of public policy, the politics of education, and providing equal access for minorities in education.

Photo of Marilyn Kameen

Marilyn C. Kameen


Oscar and Anne Mauzy Regents Professor for Educational Research and Development

Interests include academic administration, faculty in higher education, and college student development with research on college teaching and minorities in higher education.

Photo of Soncia Reagins-Lilly

Soncia Reagins-Lilly

Clinical Assistant Professor, Vice President for Student Affairs

Shares her expertise in higher education policy, administration and finance, strategic planning, and leadership development as the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

Photo of Richard Reddick

Richard J. Reddick

Associate Professor

Examines the experiences of faculty of color at predominantly White institutions; mentoring relationships between faculty and Black students; and work-life balance in academia.

Photo of Victor Saenz

Victor B. Sáenz

Associate Professor, Chair

Leads the Project MALES (Mentoring to Achieve Latino Educational Success Initiative focused on Latino males in education; seeks to advance research-informed policy solutions that enhance educational outcomes for underserved students in secondary and post-secondary education.

Photo of Lauren Schudde

Lauren Schudde

Assistant Professor

Studies the impact of educational policies and practices on college student outcomes using quantitative methods.

Photo of Edwin Sharpe

Edwin R. Sharpe

Clinical Professor

Scholarly interests include organizational theory and behavior as applied to universities, educational politics and policy, and the interaction and alignment of P-20 educational systems.

Photo of Patricia Somers

Patricia Somers

Associate Professor

Serves as a faculty affiliate in Women’s and Gender Studies and Lozano Long Institute for Latin American Studies. Researches topics such as campus safety, higher education law, academic freedom, and higher education in Brazil.

Clinical and Adjunct Faculty

Photo of Cassandre Alvarado

Cassandre Giguere Alvarado

Clinical Assistant Professor

Focuses research on student success and graduation initiatives, including innovative college readiness assignments, student success programs and understanding the completion agenda.

Photo of Aileen Bumphus

Aileen Bumphus

Clinical Assistant Professor, Associate Vice President for Academic Diversity Initiatives in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement

Research interests include educational leadership, emotional intelligence, and resiliency.

Photo of Linda Garcia

Linda Garcia

Clinical Assistant Professor

Assistant Director of College Relations of the Center for Community College Student Engagement

Oversees the Center’s community college relations and serves as a point of contact for state leaders, funders and national higher education organizations.

Photo of Douglas Garrard

Douglas Garrard


Serves as Associate Vice President for Campus Life and Senior Associate Dean of Students, and teaches courses related to on-campus culture in higher education.

Photo of Hemlata Jhaveri

Hemlata G. Jhaveri

Clinical Assistant Professor

As Executive Director of Housing and Food Service, she emphasizes the importance of balancing business and student development needs for a higher education organization.

Photo of Harrison Keller

Harrison Keller

Clinical Professor of Public Policy Practice

Deputy to the President for Strategy and Policy

Drives achievement of the president's strategic vision by coordinating long-range planning, policy development, and strategic implementation among academic and administrative units, and for organizing and overseeing strategic initiatives related to inter-institutional partnerships.

Photo of Mylon Kirksey

Mylon Kirksy


Director of Residence Life for Housing and Food Service

Teaches courses that examine the intersectionality of culture, organizations, and systems of privilege, power, and difference in higher education.

Photo of Coral Noonan-Terry

Coral Noonan-Terry

Clinical Assistant Professor

Serves as Program Manager of Special Projects for the Center for Community College Student Engagement, teaches courses focused on community colleges.

Photo of Nydia Sanchez

Nydia Sánchez

Postdoctoral Fellow

Explores the ways community and cultural contexts affect and inform student development and educational achievement along the P-20 pipeline for students from underrepresented backgrounds, particularly first-generation and Latinx students.

Photo of Julie Schell

Julie Schell

Clinical Assistant Professor

Designs higher education innovation strategy. Teaches graduate courses on technology, innovation, and problems of college teaching and learning including related interventions.

Photo of LaToya Smith

LaToya Smith

Clinical Assistant Professor

Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student Services

Serves as the Title IX Coordinator and Associate Vice President of University Compliance Services to ensure the university holds high levels of integrity and ethical standards.

Photo of Betty Jeanne Taylor

Betty Jeanne Taylor

Clinical Assistant Professor

Assistant Vice President in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement

Focuses on university-wide campus climate initiatives including bias incident reporting and response as well as implementing best practices for inclusive classroom climates and faculty recruitment and retention.

Photo of Aaron Voyles

Aaron Voyles

Clinical Assistant Professor

Serves as the Associate Director for Student Learning and Development and researches post-qualitative and post-structuralist methodologies, discourse analysis, and gender performance.

Photo of Evelyn Waiwaiole

Evelyn Waiwaiole

Clinical Assistant Professor

Executive Director of CCSSE

As Executive Director of the Center for Community College Student Engagement, Evelyn specializes in evidence that informs change and improved outcomes at community colleges.