ELP Graduate Student Creates Online Database for Higher Education Researchers

When ZW Taylor, a Higher Education Leadership doctoral student within the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy wanted to know which journals he should shoot for publishing in, he had a hard time locating a comprehensive listing. So, he created a database of higher education journals and conferences, not only for himself, but for any researcher to access.

The Higher Education Journals and Conferences Database includes hyperlinks to more than 300 journals and conferences, and lists information such as a journal’s aims and scope, submission instructions, acceptance rate, writing and citation style, and word count limit.

According to Taylor, similar journal databases may include dead hyperlinks of journals that are no longer being published. The Higher Education Journals and Conferences Database has a programmed function in the Google Sheets database that automatically checks the activity of every hyperlink in the database, eliminating dead hyperlinks from journal websites that have moved or are no longer publishing.

The database has recently been featured on The Early-Career Higher Education Researchers (ECHER) Blog, an online platform for sharing information, experience and opinion about doing interdisciplinary research in higher education. More information about Taylor’s process and research, which examines the intersection of linguistics and informatics as they pertain to pre-enrollment student materials, can be found at the blog.