College of Education Leadership Updates

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this message finds you well, staying cool and enjoying your summer with friends and family. As we look ahead to the fall 2022 semester, I am pleased to announce some important updates regarding our leadership structure.

The college has been deliberate in cultivating leadership, providing additional pathways to leadership and improving transparency and engagement in leadership appointments. Our successful Leadership Fellows program, our open nomination processes and the use of consultative committees have all contributed positively to these commitments. I continue to be overwhelmed by the depth of the college’s talent pool.

I would like to thank the following esteemed faculty members for their dedication to the College of Education, and for their firm commitment to advancing knowledge and research around the future of health and education. I am grateful for their willingness to help lead the college as we continue to reimagine education, and I look forward to working with them in the coming months and years.

Below are some highlights of specific changes we will be implementing. The following appointments, unless noted, are effective August 1.


Cinthia Salinas has been appointed to a two-year term as Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusive Excellence. Dr. Salinas was selected following an open review of nominations, including review by a consultative committee. In this role, Dr. Salinas will provide leadership and focus to support the College of Education’s continued commitment to advancing a culture of social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion as articulated in our college vision, core values and Signature Impact Areas. She will lead equity and inclusion initiatives supporting faculty, staff and students in the college, and will serve as one of the college’s Title IX liaisons and chair of the college’s Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee. Dr. Salinas will also oversee the college’s Student Affairs unit, with a particular focus on student recruitment, engagement, and success.

John Bartholomew has been appointed to a four-year term as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Dr. Bartholomew was selected following an open review of nominations, including review by a consultative committee. In this role, Dr. Bartholomew will provide college-level leadership, management and oversight of academic affairs in the college. He will be a leader in the areas of curricular innovation, academic program design, assessment and accreditation at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Dr. Bartholomew will also oversee various college-wide offices/units that provide support to our academic enterprise, including the Office of Instructional Innovation and Education Services.

Allison Skerrett has been re-appointed as Director of Teacher Education for two additional years. As part of that re-appointment, the director’s role is being expanded and elevated to extend the reach, impact and influence of Dr. Skerrett’s work. She a member of our college’s leadership team, and she will be taking on additional responsibilities in representing our teacher education programs and interests at the state and national levels.

Beth Maloch has been appointed for two additional years as Senior Associate Dean. Dr. Maloch will continue to provide leadership in the areas of promotion and tenure, faculty hiring and development, facilities and administration. As senior associate dean, she will, when called upon, make decisions on my behalf across various leadership portfolios in the Office of the Dean.

Sherry Field has been appointed for one additional year as Advisor to the Dean for Faculty Development, at half-time. In this role, she will provide continued support for faculty searches, personnel matters, onboarding, leadership and faculty development.


Melissa Wetzel has been appointed to a four-year term as Department Chair of Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Wetzel is a full professor and has been on the faculty in Curriculum and Instruction since 2007 in the program area of Language and Literacy Studies. She was selected following an open review of nominations, including review by a consultative committee.

Tiffany Whittaker has been appointed to a one-year term as Interim Chair of Educational Psychology. Dr. Whittaker is a full professor and has been on the faculty in Educational Psychology since 2006 in the program area of Quantitative Methods.  A search for a department chair will be commencing this year.

Mark O’Reilly has been re-appointed for two years as Department Chair of Special Education.

In the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, we are in the process of appointing an interim chair. Until the chair is named, John Bartholomew will maintain chair duties.

Please join me in congratulating our colleagues on their new roles, outstanding leadership and commitment to our COE community. Please also extend our shared appreciation to all members of the college community who participated in the appointment process.

College of Education | The University of Texas at Austin