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Grants, Awards and Achievements: June 2023
Jun. 06, 2023
The members of our community – faculty, students and administrators – receive a wide range of grants and fellowships and are selected for a myriad of awards recognizing both work and impact.

Black Hair: Unedited and Unbothered
Apr. 26, 2020
Christina S. Murrey and M. Yvonne Taylor April 21, 2020 In the United States, Black people’s hair has been a source of contention, punishment, and immense pride. For years, in an attempt to conform to Eurocentric standards of beauty and professionalism, Black women have sought to straighten their natural kinks…

Allison Skerrett Wins Fry Book Award at LRA
Jan. 07, 2020
Professor Allison Skerrett received the Literacy Research Association's 2019 Edward B. Fry Book Award for her book, Teaching Transnational Youth: Literacy and Education for a Changing World.

Allison Skerrett Wins Massey Award for Excellence as a ‘Teacher of Teachers’
Aug. 20, 2019
Professor Allison Skerrett has earned the Massey Award, recognizing her excellence as a "teacher of teachers," leading the charge towards a more culturally responsive teacher preparation program.

Congratulations to Promoted Faculty within the College of Education
Apr. 29, 2019
Six faculty members across three departments within the College of Education have received promotions effective as of September 1.

Skerrett Interviewed About Scotland’s Elimination of Early Grade Standardized Testing
Sep. 27, 2018
Associate Professor Allison Skerrett was recently interviewed about the Deputy and First Minister of Education's decision to end early grade standardized testing in Scotland.

2018 Dean’s Distinguished Teaching Award
Sep. 14, 2018
Associate Professor of Language and Literacy Allison Skerrett has received the 2018 Dean's Distinguished Teaching Award.

Skerrett Speaks in Australia on Educational Lives and Literacies of Transnational Students
Jul. 25, 2018
Associate Professor of C&I Allison Skerrett recently delivered a keynote address at a joint literacy conference in Australia where she was one of only two U.S. professors invited to speak.

How Scotland is Dealing with Issues of Equity and Literacy in Schools
May. 25, 2018
Since 2016, Allison Skerrett has been part of a 10-member International Council of Education Advisers (ICEA), advising the Scottish government on issues related to education and inequity.

UT-Austin College of Education Professor Travels to Scotland as Member of Its International Council of Education Advisers
Sep. 09, 2016
Associate Professor Allison Skerrett was recently appointed to Scotland’s International Council of Education Advisers by the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon.