Education Programs

Our Bachelor of Science degree in Education will prepare you to teach children with different backgrounds and abilities. At our core, our programs in this major focus on preparing you to be a teacher leader, ready to take on all of the opportunities and challenges the classroom offers.

As a teacher, you will introduce children to fundamental academics and help guide them as they develop socially, emotionally, and culturally. Our teacher preparation program provides you with nearly 800 hours of hands-on experience working with children in classrooms across several semesters, exceeding the state requirement. By the end of your program, you will be well prepared to take the teacher certification exams. Our program’s passing rate historically exceeds 95%.

We also offer non-certification programs that prepare you to work with children and youth in a variety of settings such as the YMCA, parks and recreation departments, day-care centers, after-school programs, government agencies and more.

A young woman works with an autistic boy while sitting on a sofa.

All-Level Special Education

Prepare to become TEA-certified to teach children with disabilities including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavioral disorders, mild to moderate disabilities, and severe and/or multiple disabilities. Learn how to create inclusive classrooms that allow for the development of all kinds of learners. You will work toward becoming a certified special education (EC-12) and generalist teacher (EC-6).

A diverse group of students collaborate on a project at a table.

Early Childhood - 6th Grade Bilingual Core Subjects/Generalist

Learn how to provide equal educational opportunities for children with limited English proficiency. In addition to learning the fundamentals of early childhood education, you will be prepared to earn your TEA certification to teach early childhood concepts to elementary students in both Spanish and English. Fluency in Spanish is required.

A young boy with short, curly hair and dark skin holds up a book in a classroom.

Early Childhood - 6th Grade English as a Second Language (ESL) Core Subjects/Generalist

You will learn the fundamentals of teaching and learning while helping students’ development of social and emotional skills as you prepare for the TEA certification exams. You will be guided as an ESL teacher to accommodate children from diverse backgrounds and who may not be native English speakers.

A group of students jump for exercise in a gym.

Youth and Community Studies

Youth and Community Studies (YCS) prepares you to teach people of all ages in various settings beyond the classroom. You will be prepared to extend children’s education and development into other areas of their life. This major also offers an opportunity to become a certified teacher in English language arts, social studies, or physical education.

A young boy and a student teacher look on as someone else speaks

Urban Teachers Program

The University of Texas Urban Teachers program prepares middle and high school English language arts and social studies teachers to instruct in linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms. You will be prepared to teach children from diverse backgrounds in urban settings.