Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership

Students in the Cooperative Superintendency Program (CSP) will earn an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.

Total program for this Ed.D.: 63 hours of coursework; 69 with dissertation hours.

Social Science Core (12 hours)

  • ELP 390R / EDA 382M Organizational Design & Behavior
  • ELP 390E / EDA 383E  Educational Econ & Finance (K-12 focus, Spring)
  • ELP 390S / EDA 388M Social & Cultural Contexts of Education
  • ELP 390P / EDA 388P  Educational Politics & Policy (K-12 focus, Fall)

Superintendent Specialization (33 hours)

  • ELP 394R/ EDA 383   School Restructuring and Renewal
  • ELP 393S/ EDA 383   Superintendent Practicum 
  • ELP 393S/ EDA 383   Superintendent Practicum
  • ELP 393S/ EDA 383   Superintendent Practicum
  • ELP 394N/ EDA 395   Schl/District Instructional Leadership
  • ELP 694T/ EDA 695   Administrative Theory
  • ELP 394C/EDA 383   School District Functions I
  • ELP 394D/ EDA 383   School District Functions II
  • ELP 394L/ EDA 388L School Law 
  • ELP 394S/ EDA 395   Superintendent Seminar

Research Core (9 hours)

  • ELP 391E  Epistomologies of Ed Research /  EDA 387Q Introduction to Systems of Human Inquiry/
  • ELP 391Q/ EDA 381Q Qualitative Research Design & Analysis
  • ELP 392E/ EDA 395   Program Evaluation and Decision Making 

Outside the Department Courses (9 hours)

  • EDC 390T Dual Language Issues and Trends (Dept. of C&I)
  • Course to be taken outside the department
  • Course to be taken outside the department

Treatise (minimum of 6 hours, 3 hours per semester)

  • ELP 399K/ EDA 399K  Treatise  
  • ELP 399L/ EDA 399L  Treatise

Program Plans

Questions? Email Pedro Reyes or Paul Cruz.