Program of Study

Degree Plans

Current Program of Study, ELP course numbers only.

For students who first enrolled in Summer 2015 through Fall 2017

The M.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership is designed to develop knowledgeable and skilled professional administrators in such career areas as student housing, organizational and leadership development, services for special populations, financial aid, admissions, learning skills development, counseling, health education, recreation, and similar programs and services in institutions of higher education.

Although conventional instruction is the province of the faculty, student personnel professionals provide invaluable assistance to students outside the classroom. Faculty-student mentorships foster personal growth and ensure the availability of support services that enhance learning and improve the likelihood of a successful educational experience.

Typical Program of Study

Coursework can be tailored to a student’s interests and needs, with the advice and approval of a faculty mentor. Students take 18 hours of required coursework and can customize the electives taken in both the Program in Higher Education Leadership (PHEL). Students will also have the opportunity to take courses outside the department.

Up to six hours of graduate work may be transferred from another institution and counted toward the master's degree if approved by the student's advisor and the graduate advisor and Graduate School. For more information please refer to the transferring coursework page

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships provide both income and experience for students. Students can put into practice the skills they are learning in the CUSPA program.

Examples of current and past assistantships include Greek Life and Intercultural Education, Recreational Sports, New Student Services, International Student Office, Student Activities and Leadership Development, and the McCombs School of Business Office of Student Life.

Job descriptions, processes for hiring and position availability are posted on the
following websites:

Course Requirements

Departmental Core (18 hours)

  • ELP 385R / EDA 391R Organization & Admin of Higher Ed
  • ELP 385T Student Affairs in HE / EDA 391P CSPA
  • ELP 385E / EDA 391E The College Student
  • ELP 395H / EDA 391S History of Higher Education
  • ELP 395L / EDA 391T Higher Education Law
  • ELP 385C / EDA 391Q Contemporary Issues in HE Mgmt

PHEL Elective (9 hours)

  • ELP 383P / EDA 383 Individual Project (2nd Internship)
  • ELP 395K / EDA 383 Campus Cultures
  • ELP 395K / EDA 391C Comparative Higher Education
  • ELP 395K / EDA 391K Legislative Issues in Higher Education
  • ELP 395K / EDA 391K Critical Consciousness in Higher Education
  • ELP 395K / EDA 391K Enrollment Management
  • ELP 395K / EDA 391K Research on College Students
  • ELP 395K / EDA 391G Leadership in Higher Education
  • ELP 395K / EDA 391K Equity & Access in Higher Education
  • ELP 395K / EDA 391K The Community College
  • ELP 395K / EDA 391K Technology & Innovation
  • ELP 395K / EDA 391K Multicultural Modes of Mentoring
  • ELP 395K / EDA 391K Problems of College Teaching and Learning

Graduate Internship (3 hours)

An internship of at least three semester credit hours (approximately 120 clock hours) is required.

  • ELP 383N / EDA 391P Graduate Internship  

Out of Department Electives (6 hours)

Electives can be taken from different departments within the College of Education or other colleges within the University

Contact the Program

For more information, please write, email, or telephone:

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Department of Educational Administration
Program in Higher Education Leadership
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Telephone: (512) 471-7551
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