Congratulations to Our Promoted Faculty

The College of Education congratulations the following faculty members who were promoted with new appointments beginning in the 2022-23 academic year.

Curriculum and Instruction

Photo of Jennifer Adair

Dr. Jennifer Adair, associate professor in Early Childhood Education, will be promoted to full professor. Dr. Adair’s research focuses on inequities in early schooling and the intersection of immigration, race and early childhood.

Educational Leadership and Policy

Photo of Liliana Garces

Dr. Liliana Garces, associate professor in the Program for Higher Education Leadership, will be. Promoted to full professor. Dr. Garces Studies educational inequality, higher education equity and access policies for underrepresented populations, use and influence of research in Supreme Court cases.

Educational Psychology

Photo of Chris Brownson

Dr. Chris Brownson, clinical associate professor in Counseling Psychology, will be promoted to clinical professor. A licensed psychologist, Dr. Brownson researches college student mental health and suicide prevention.

Photo of Tiffany Whittaker

Dr. Tiffany Whittaker, associate professor in Quantitative Methods, will be promoted to full professor. Dr. Whittaker’s research focuses on the examination and demonstration of various procedures used to model the relationships among variables.

Photo of Gigi Awad

Dr. Gigi Awad, associate professor in Counselor Education, Counseling Psychology and Human Development, Culture and Learning Science, will be promoted to full professor. Dr. Awad studies the effects that acculturation and identity have on discrimination.

Kinesiology and Health Education

Photo of Brian Mills

Dr. Brian Mills, associate professor in Physical Culture and Sport and Sport Management, will be promoted to full professor. Dr. Mills studies managerial economics in sport relating to the market power of pro sports leagues and serves as the department’s graduate advisor.

Dr. Audrey Stone, assistant professor in Exercise Physiology, will be promoted to associate professor. Dr. Stone Studies the control of circulation during exercise, especially in those affected by diabetes.

Special Education

Photo of Chris Doabler

Dr. Chris Doabler, assistant professor in Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders, will be promoted to associate professor. Dr. Doabler’s research focuses on the instructional design and efficacy testing of early STEM interventions for at-risk learners.

Photo of Elizabeth Swanson

Dr. Elizabeth Swanson, research associate professor, will be promoted to research professor. Dr. Swanson’s work focuses on developing and testing literacy practices for struggling readers.