Faculty Listing

Name & Title Office Contact
Cassandre Giguere Alvarado
Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
MAI 221M (512) 232-3997
Contact Cassandre Giguere Alvarado
Beth Bukoski
Clinical Assistant Professor, Assistant Program Coordinator for PHEL
SZB 348G (512) 232-4419
Contact Beth Bukoski
Aileen Bumphus, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor, Associate Vice President for Academic Diversity Initiatives in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement
SSB 4.400 (512) 471-1205 
Contact Aileen Bumphus
Debra Cantu
Cohort Coordinator/Clinical Assistant Professor
SZB 348H (512) 471-6137
Contact Debra Cantu
Norma Cantu
Professor, J.D.
SZB 374A or TNH 3.118M (512) 471-7551
Contact Norma Cantu
Joshua Childs
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 310F (512) 475-8573
Contact Joshua Childs
Nelson Coulter, Ed.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor
  Contact Nelson Coulter
Liliana M. Garces, Ed.D., J.D.
Associate Professor
SZB 310H  
Douglas C. Garrard
Senior Associate Dean Of Students and Lecturer, Ed.D.
SSB 4.104 (512) 471- 5017
Contact Douglas C. Garrard
Juan Gonzalez
Clinical Professor, Ph.D.
  (512) 471-6137
Contact Juan Gonzalez
Terrance Green
Assistant Professor
Sanchez 310D (512) 471-7551
Contact Terrance Green
Sheila Guzman
SZB 244J (512) 232-1955
Jennifer Holme
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 374F (512) 475-9398
Contact Jennifer Holme
Huriya Jabbar
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 374F (512) 475-9398
Contact Huriya Jabbar
Sharon Justice
Lecturer, Ph.D.
SZB 374A (512) 471-7551
Contact Sharon Justice
Manuel Justiz
Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 243 (512) 232-1695
Contact Manuel Justiz
Marilyn Kameen
Professor, Ed.D.
SZB 243 (512) 232-1696
(512) 232-1695
Contact Marilyn Kameen
Harrison Keller
Vice Provost and Adjunct Professor, Ph.D.
MAI 301BB (512) 232-8277
Contact Harrison Keller
Mylon Kirksy
Clinical Assistant Professor
  Contact Mylon Kirksy
Linda Lee
Clinical Assistant Professor
  Contact Linda Lee 
Deborah Nance
SZB 374 Contact Deborah Nance
Glenn Nolly, Ph.D.
Ruben Olivarez
Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 310K (512) 471-7551
Contact Ruben Olivarez
Pat Pringle
Adjunct Professor
  Contact Pat Pringle
Soncia Reagins-Lilly
Vice President for Student Affairs, Ed.D.
SSB 4.104 (512) 471-5017
Contact Soncia Reagins-Lilly
Richard J. Reddick
Associate Professor, Program Coordinator for PHEL
SZB 310B; CLA 2.102 (512) 475-8587
Contact Richard J. Reddick
Pedro Reyes
Ph.D., Ashbel Smith Professor in Education Policy
Victor B. Saenz
Associate Professor, Department Chair
SZB 310A (512) 475-8585
Contact Victor B. Saenz
Julie Schell
Clinical Assistant Professor
WWH 416A Contact Julie Schell
Lauren Schudde
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 310A (512) 471-1632
Contact Lauren Schudde
Edwin Sharpe
Clinical Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 310J (512) 475-8577
Contact Edwin Sharpe
Latoya Smith
Clinical Assistant Professor
  Contact Latoya Smith
Patricia Somers
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 374B (512) 471-7551
Contact Patricia Somers
Betty Jeanne Taylor, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President, Division of Diversity and Community Engagement
Clinical Assistant Professor
  Contact Betty Jeanne Taylor
Angela Valenzuela
Professor and Program Head, Education Policy and Planning
Director, Texas Center for Education Policy
SZB 374H (512) 232-6008
Contact Angela Valenzuela
Aaron Voyles
Clinical Assistant Professor
  Contact Aaron Voyles
Evelyn Waiwaiole
Executive Director of the Center for Community College Student Engagement, Clinical Assistant Professor
  (512) 232-6946
Contact Evelyn Waiwaiole

Emeriti Faculty

Edgar W. Bessent, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

Nolan Estes, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

William F. Lasher, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

Martha N. Ovando, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

John E. Roueche, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

Jay D. Scribner, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

James Yates, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus