Faculty Researchers

Below is a list of College of Education faculty whose research specifically focuses on equity, inclusion, social justice, and diversity topics. Note that as stated in our commitment, the College of Education aspires that all research, teaching, and service embrace social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion tenets.

Curriculum and Instruction

Photo of Jennifer Adair

Jennifer K. Adair

Associate Professor

Research interests focus on inequities in early schooling and the intersection of immigration, race and early childhood.

Photo of Keffrelyn Brown

Keffrelyn Brown


Creates scholarship based around teacher education, especially relating to race and culture.

Photo of Noah De Lissovoy

Noah De Lissovoy

Professor, Program Coordinator

Examines effects of race, class and capital in schools and society; investigates and extends traditions of critical pedagogy and philosophy.

Photo of Tracey Flores

Tracey Flores

Assistant Professor

Interests include family literacy, specifically family writing and practices for Latina mothers and daughters, as a springboard for advocacy and empowerment of families and teachers.

Photo of Maria Franquiz

María Fránquiz


Examines ethnographic language and literacy practices in K-12 classrooms, specifically focusing on how Latinx critical race theory explains the relationship between heritage language and culture and the evolving identities of future teachers.

Photo of Maria Gonzalez-Howard

Maria Gonzalez-Howard

Assistant Professor

Explores the intersections of teaching and learning science with bilingualism development, with a focus on supporting culturally and linguistically diverse students’ engagement in science practices. 

Photo of Grace Kim

Grace MyHyun Kim

Assistant Professor

Studies literacy, language, and multicultural education, especially involving new media and globalization.

Photo of Catherine Riegle-Crumb

Catherine Riegle-Crumb


Focuses on gender and racial/ethnic inequality in educational experiences and student achievement in STEM fields.

Photo of Cinthia Salinas

Cinthia Salinas

Professor, Department Chair

Ruben E. Hinojosa Regents Professor in Education

Research focuses on bilingual and ESL Education, high-stakes social studies testing, and activism in education.

Photo of Allison Skerrett

Allison Skerrett


Focuses on secondary English and literacy education in urban contexts, including among transnational youth.

Photo of Luis Urrieta

Luis Urrieta, Jr.

Professor, Program Advisor

Follows trends around cultural and racial identities, agency, migration, and social movements in education.

Photo of Melissa Wetzel

Melissa Wetzel


Focuses on how preservice teachers integrate critical literacy and culturally relevant practices into field-based literacy teaching.

Educational Psychology

Photo of Ricardo Ainsle

Ricardo Ainslie


M. K. Hage Centennial Professorship in Education

Explores the intersection of psychology and culture through such topics as the psychological experience of immigration, ethnic conflicts and the impact of violence within communities, and the relationship between individual and collective identity.

Photo of Germine Awad

Germine Awad

Associate Professor

Studies the effects that acculturation and identity have on discrimination, specifically in populations of Arab/Middle Eastern and African American women.

Photo of Stephanie Cawthon

Stephanie Cawthon

Professor, HDCLS Area Chair

Elizabeth Glenadine Gibb Teaching Fellowship in Education

Explores individual, school, community, and system level factors that affect education, employment, and quality of life outcomes for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Photo of Kevin Cokley

Kevin Cokley


Oscar and Anne Mauzy Regents Professor for Educational Research and Development

Researches themes related to understanding the psychological and environmental factors that impact African American student achievement, and the impact of the impostor phenomenon in academic and mental health outcomes.

Photo of Michael Parent

Michael Parent

Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology Area Chair

Focuses on the intersections of gender, sexuality, and behavioral health in topics of men’s health, gender roles, and muscularity; conducts outreach with gender and sexual minority communities.

Photo of Erin Rodriguez

Erin Rodriguez

Associate Professor

Studies family, linguistic, and sociocultural influences on children’s adaptation to stress, to better understand how family coping, language and communication, and sociocultural context impact children’s mental and physical health outcomes.

Photo of Delida Sanchez

Delida Sanchez

Associate Professor

Interested in teaching and research in the area of multicultural counseling, exploring ethnic and racial identity development, and mental health outcomes among Black and Latino adolescents.

Photo of Marie-Anne Suizzo

Marie-Anne Suizzo

Associate Professor

Research interests are centered around how parent-child relationships, parental involvement, and child socialization shape children's and adolescents' development and learning across cultures and ethnic groups.

Educational Leadership and Policy

Photo of Beth Bukoski

Beth E. Bukoski

Associate Professor of Practice

Focuses on issues that affect underrepresented students and faculty related to identity intersectionality and performativity, particularly critical theories and constructs of gender, sexuality, race, and class.

Photo of Aileen Bumphus

Aileen Bumphus

Assistant Professor of Practice, Associate Vice President for Academic Diversity Initiatives in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement

Research interests include educational leadership, emotional intelligence, and resiliency.

Photo of Rebecca Callahan

Rebecca Callahan

Associate Professor

Research interests include immigrant bilinguals’ transition from adolescence to young adulthood, as well as their associated educational processes.

Photo of Norma Cantu

Norma Cantú, J.D.

Ken McIntyre Professor for Excellence in School Leadership

With a background as assistant secretary of education for Civil Rights in the Clinton Administration, she teaches topics in civil rights and the intersection of law and policy in education.

Photo of Joshua Childs

Joshua Childs

Assistant Professor

Examines collaborative approaches involving community organizations and stakeholders that improve academic achievement and reduce opportunity gaps for students.

Photo of Gerardo De Los Santos

Gerardo De Los Santos

Senior Fellow, Civitas Learning
Photo of Liliana Garces

Liliana Garces

Associate Professor

Studies educational inequality, higher education equity and access policies for underrepresented populations, use and influence of research in Supreme Court cases. 

Photo of Terrance Green

Terrance Green

Associate Professor

Examines principals and school-community engagement/community development, and issues of educational equity and opportunity.

Photo of Jennifer Holme

Jennifer Jellison Holme

Associate Professor, Graduate Advisor

Focuses on the politics and implementation of educational policy with an emphasis on school reform, equity and diversity in schools.

Photo of Huriya Jabbar

Huriya Jabbar

Associate Professor, EPP Doctoral Program Coordinator

Examines the social and political dimensions of market-based reforms and privatization in education, including school choice and decision-making in K-12 and higher education contexts.

Photo of Michael Nava

Michael Nava

Executive Director, Student Success Initiatives

Professor of Practice

Photo of Collette Pierce Burnette

Colette Pierce Burnette

President, Huston-Tillotson University
Photo of Soncia Reagins-Lilly

Soncia Reagins-Lilly

Professor of Practice, Vice President for Student Affairs

Shares her expertise in higher education policy, administration and finance, strategic planning, and leadership development as the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

Photo of Richard Reddick

Richard J. Reddick

Associate Dean for Equity, Community Engagement, and Outreach

Examines the experiences of faculty of color at predominantly White institutions; mentoring relationships between faculty and Black students; and work-life balance in academia.

Photo of Pedro Reyes

Pedro Reyes

Ashbel Smith Professor of Education Policy

Focuses on school conditions that foster high academic success for children of poverty, stratification of learning opportunities for children of color, and on state policy that facilitates student success across the education pipeline.

Photo of Victor Saenz

Victor B. Sáenz

Professor, Chair

Leads the Project MALES (Mentoring to Achieve Latino Educational Success Initiative focused on Latino males in education; seeks to advance research-informed policy solutions that enhance educational outcomes for underserved students in secondary and post-secondary education.

Photo of Lauren Schudde

Lauren Schudde

Assistant Professor

Studies the impact of educational policies and practices on college student outcomes using quantitative methods.

Photo of Patricia Somers

Patricia Somers

Associate Professor

Serves as a faculty affiliate in Women’s and Gender Studies and Lozano Long Institute for Latin American Studies. Researches topics such as campus safety, higher education law, academic freedom, and higher education in Brazil.

Photo of Betty Jeanne Taylor

Betty Jeanne Taylor

Assistant Professor of Practice

Assistant Vice President, Division of Diversity and Community Engagement

Focuses on university-wide campus climate initiatives including bias incident reporting and response as well as implementing best practices for inclusive classroom climates and faculty recruitment and retention.

Photo of Angela Valenzuela

Angela Valenzuela


Specializes in urban education from a sociological and multicultural perspective, with a focus on minority youth in schools, particularly at the K-12 level.

Photo of Aaron Voyles

Aaron Voyles

Assistant Professor of Practice

Serves as the Associate Director for Student Learning and Development and researches post-qualitative and post-structuralist methodologies, discourse analysis, and gender performance.

Photo of Evelyn Waiwaiole

Evelyn Waiwaiole

Assistant Professor of Practice

Executive Director of CCSSE

As Executive Director of the Center for Community College Student Engagement, Evelyn specializes in evidence that informs change and improved outcomes at community colleges.

Kinesiology and Health Education

Photo of Darren Kelly

Darren Kelly

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Associate Vice President, Div. of Diversity & Community Engagement

Research focuses on race and sport, leadership, and community building via sport.

Photo of Liesl Nydegger

Liesl Nydegger

Assistant Professor

Focuses research on reducing sexual health risk behaviors in women with multiple vulnerabilities, ethnic minorities, and illicit drug users.

Photo of Miguel Pinedo

Miguel Pinedo

Assistant Professor

Focuses on how migration-related factors contribute to health disparities related to substance abuse, HIV risk, and related harms among Latino populations in the United States and Mexico. 

Special Education

Photo of North Cooc

North Cooc

Associate Professor

Explores how family background, culture, and school contextual factors influence decisions and trajectory outcomes within special education.

Photo of Audrey Sorrels

Audrey Sorrells

Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Students for Research

Explores topics in ethnically diverse students with disabilities, veteran students with resulting trauma issues, and professional development for disabled students.