Micheal P Sandbank

Micheal P Sandbank
Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education
Area Coordinator, College of Education

Email: msandbank@austin.utexas.edu
Office: SZB
Office Hours: By appointment
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Micheal Sandbank has worked with individuals with disabilities across all age groups, both as a teacher and an interventionist. Presently, she researches factors that influence language acquisition in young children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Her program of research involves the analysis of multiple types of data, including naturalistic language samples and neural measures of speech processing in young children. Dr. Sandbank is particularly interested in the use of neural measures of speech processing to identify clinically useful practices for language intervention for young children with disabilities. She also specializes in specific research methodologies, including meta-analysis and generalizability theory.

Dr. Sandbank is the head of the Brain and Language Lab, the lead researcher on Project AIM , and is currently accepting doctoral students.